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I’m a Texan who loathes the overuse of the word passion; it sounds like a cheesy soap opera. Oh wait, it was―and got cancelled. It’s not that I don’t love the essence—I’m crazy about: film, cities, arts and trying to live low-carb in a bread-heavy world. It’s just using words until they’re robotic and soulless is to be avoided like thugs or plastic bottles.

You see, I love crafting stories. Though mostly I loooooooove connecting with people, whether through words or wine, a press release or brand name—there’s always thought and deliberation in my approach.

Awareness is easy; a message that resonates takes skill. I perform rigorous analysis using methods rooted in social science, remove distractions (like eliminating not-quite-right-English or wayward punctuation) but mostly I generate original content that connects. You can’t build a rapport unless you know your audience. When you looooove people, it’s easier to speak to them.

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Justine Harcourt de Tourville

Email. Email. Email: info@hadto.be
Twitter: @justinehdet
LinkedIn: be.linkedin.com/in/hadtobe/
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