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Hidden Brain Should Be Visible

Have you discovered the NPR podcast from the States, yet? Hidden Brain is amazing. A favorite episode: NPR is a…

Say what?

Everyone hates a phony, so are you what you say you are? Words are encapsulated vessels of emotion and fact….

Worth a Listen

Psychologist Adam Grant railed against a common corporate platitude: Managers who say, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions,” on…

Client News

The amazingly talented Fashion Tech superstar, Jasna Rok, is moving into a new studio! Congratulations. Here I’m posing with her…

Hearing Protection Goes Glam

Client News Loop Nightlife makes Wired Magazine with an 8/10 review! (Have you protected your hearing lately?)    

Soundtrack for doing the dishes or traffic jams

Nigel Williams asked me about living in Belgium on his podcast, “Babbel without a cause.”    

Conversation with Alexander De Croo

Smart Tech Women Unite!

No More Awful New Year Resolutions

The best inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions comes from Afrika Bambaataa: Peace! Love! Unity!…and Having Fun! Forget the diets and…

Whurley Knows: Quantum Computing is the Future

Learning from the world expert on Quantum Computing at me-Convention. You can see his talk on YouTube. Just cut &…

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