Client News

The amazingly talented Fashion Tech superstar, Jasna Rok, is moving into a new studio! Congratulations.

Here I’m posing with her technical genius, Tom, in between moving mannequins.

Watch for some spectacular things to be announced in the fall.






Client News

Loop Nightlife makes Wired Magazine with an 8/10 review! (Have you protected your hearing lately?)



Soundtrack for doing the dishes or traffic jams

Nigel Williams asked me about living in Belgium on his podcast, “Babbel without a cause.”



No More Awful New Year Resolutions

The best inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions comes from Afrika Bambaataa:

Peace! Love! Unity!…and Having Fun!

Forget the diets and drinking less. Skip the gym. Why not do the following instead:

  1. Buy silk pajamas
  2. Resolve to use quotation marks correctly
  3. Have ice cream for breakfast at least once in 2018
  4. Form an addiction to Yerba Maté
  5. Do something old folks do. And enjoy it.
  6. Splurge on expensive shampoo
  7. Say “Good Morning” to the silent people in the elevator and shake things up
  8. Boycott something
  9. Get at least one massage every quarter
  10. Visit a random museum (Museum of Medical Instruments? Doel? Mercartor Museum?)
  11. Write a few thank you notes each month for the hell of it
  12. Grow something that helps bees
  13. Become obsessed with suffering so you understand happiness
  14. Get your nails done every three weeks. Boys, too.
  15. Invest in soy candles with natural scents
  16. Put a bunch of plants on your desk to increase productivity




Whurley Knows: Quantum Computing is the Future

Learning from the world expert on Quantum Computing at me-Convention.

You can see his talk on YouTube. Just cut & paste this code:









Meaningful Words

Thank you, 37signals for publishing this.

Every letter matters

Copywriting is interface design. Great interfaces are written. If you think every pixel, every icon, every typeface matters, then you also need to believe every letter matters. When you’re writing your interface, always put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s reading your interface. What do they need to know? How can you explain it succinctly and clearly?

Do you label a button Submit or Save or Update or New or Create? That’s copywriting. Do you write three sentences or five? Do you explain with general examples or with details? Do you label content New or Updated or Recently Updated or Modified? Is it There are new messages: 5 or There are 5 new messages or is it 5 or five or messages or posts? All of this matters.

You need to speak the same language as your audience too. Just because you’re writing a web app doesn’t mean you can get away with technical jargon. Think about your customers and think about what those buttons and words mean to them. Don’t use acronyms or words that most people don’t understand. Don’t use internal lingo. Don’t sound like an engineer talking to another engineer. Keep it short and sweet. Say what you need to and no more.

Good writing is good design. It’s a rare exception where words don’t accompany design. Icons with names, form fields with examples, buttons with labels, step by step instructions in a process, a clear explanation of your refund policy. These are all interface design.

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