Anyone can put words on a sheet of paper.
Harcourt de Tourville writes & edits after a complete review of the communication strategy to target the right audience—and response.

Effective English commands attention.
It’s international, credible—it resonates.

Google Translate produces imperfect, robotic options. Academics tend to use words like “temporality” or “trajectory” for “time” or “path.” Non-native writers overuse “quite” and “very.” The once traditional long, fluid prose of yore must be clipped and punchy for social media. Communicating takes more than typing in a text box. Effective communications layers the right vocabulary with good grammar & tone of voice according to frequency and the medium.

Designed to complement local firms with communication, Harcourt de Tourville offers à la carte strategic services for:

    • web content
    • press releases & awareness campaigns
    • film/video subtitles
    • slide & speech presentations
    • business development material
    • social media & blog posts

Harcourt de Tourville is located in Antwerp, Belgium but accepts projects from all over Europe. Phone: +32 494 78 78 71 or email: info@hadto.be.

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