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Executive Branding & Performance

C-Suite executives, political leaders, innovation mavericks (and ambitious teams) can increase power and influence by mastering communication. We perfect your English presentation skills and media performance for flawless delivery. Find out more by emailing us at info@hadto.be.


The Perfect Pitch

Having helped more than 100 startups, and countless corporates, our pitch formula has been proven to resonate. No matter how much we guide you, it will still take effort—pitches take lots of practice. The good news? Our method gives you confidence.

Command & Presence

Charisma and command can be taught. Deep listening skills, aligning your body language, being authentic can reshape how you are being perceived. Sessions are not for the weak, however, commitment, vulnerability, and even poetry are a must!

Media & Keynote Prep

If you’ve sat through a boring keynote, then you know how important having snappy stories with attractive visuals are. If you have spoken to the press, you know how prep will keep you off the blooper reels (and get your message gets more traction).

Media Relations

Putting together a sollid media list is quite an undertaking and usually one of the bigger expenses when commencing a PR engagement. A well-nurtured list, however, can pay tremendous dividends. The secret? To earn attention, you must give some first.

Thought Leadership Strategy

No one thing generally shifts the needle when it comes to being considered a thought leader, except consistent effort. We examine how your vision, wisdom, and experience can inspire trust… and with it, customers, partnerships and investment.

Influencer Relations

Identifying the people that fit your brand as partners, clients and fans is half the battle. The other half is inspiring them to deliver. Being selective pays off. So does regular thoughtful communication that offers reciprocal value.

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