1. Daniel Brühl FilmathonGerman actor in films like Inglorious Basterds & Bourne Ultimatum, but two German must sees: Good Bye Lenin & The Edukators.
  2. Coursera or iTunesUIgnorance is bliss? For a cow, perhaps. The rest of us can take *free* college courses from top universities. [I made it through 16 minutes of Stanford’s Quantum Physics before I was lost. How long can you last?]
  3. Job Interview?Up your game with this infographic.
  4. Foam RollerStiff muscles are ouch. Rub it out.
  5. Kombucha at TinselA healthy drink to seize the day at Vlaamsekaai 40, Antwerp. Try the cakes & homemade jam, too.
  6. Defuse a Stressbomb Green up your desk with plants.
  7. Geordie ShoreLow self-esteem? Not after a few minutes of this mortal mess. You might give up on humanity, though. MTV 22:30 Sundays.
  8. Read FictionLiterature makes you smarter, reduces stress and increases empathy; it primes you for world domination, whoops, we call it business success now. An article about two controversial reading lists here.
  9. Eat PearsForget sticking it to Putin, these drool-worthy recipes make politically-objectified fruit even tastier.
  10. Follow @YesYoureRacist and @YesYoureSexist on TwitterThe goal is not to get retweeted.