1. Musée de la Photographie  – In honor of Paul Magnette’s righteous uprising against the World Press Photo Award’s dubious selection, perhaps it’s a good reason to visit Europe’s largest photography museum in Charleroi and see the vast spectrum of photography genres.
  2. Unicorns & RainbowsWhat? You didn’t buy a ticket, yet? C’mon. At least, it’s the most original conference name in decades. Covers Growth Marketing, UX/UI design + onboarding for startups & entrepreneurs. And oh my God, I want sparkles on my website, too.
  3. Gent Has the Good StuffHerbatheek is a NL diet & lifestyle book with Belgian ingredients and rationale. The author is the force behind the Freego (“What have you done for your fellow man today?”—in Stef Mintiens case, it’s feed people healthy food). Did you know you can order amazing bread (without industrially processed wheat and additives) from Vanessa... Plus if you haven’t been to Sint Jorishof/Cour St. Georges for the Wes Anderson zany interior, you’re missing out.
  4. Any.DoGreat task & calendar app for web/phone.
  5. Standup Comedy CellarHonest, pee-in-your-pants funny—and I don’t like to use that phrase professionally. In English and in Antwerp!
  6. Amy Alkon In the States, Amy is known as the Advice Goddess and runs a syndicated column and radio show that teaches how to “Nerd Your Way to a Better Life.” Her book on manners for the modern era is indispensable, hilarious and most of all helpful: “Good Manners for Nice People who Sometimes Say F*ck.
  7. TiamoCeramic coffee filter holder for slow-drip coffee.
  8. Tequila MatchmakerAn app that’s the Tinder for tequila.
  9. Event in Antwerp? Big fan of Paris Texas Antwerp a gallery space that oozes love for detail, creativity and beauty. Now available to host private events of the elegant variety sans antiques or your grandmother’s flowery carpeting.
  10. Follow @birbigs and @WolfpackAlan and @FirstWorldPains on Twitter – More humor on the Twitter feed, please.
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