1. True DetectiveAmazing series on DVD which will forever change your opinion on Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey’s acting ability.
  2. Sales Workshop with Sanjoy BhoseIf sales is a factor to your success, this €699 investment will change how you pick up the phone or pitch your product/service: Sanjoy’s LinkedIn profile.
  3. The Taco Guy on the Saturday Market in AntwerpAdd him on Facebook and see if he’s got his market space that day. If he’s there, it’s the best €4 you’ll spend.
  4. Read the Book Wild by Cheryl StrayedDo it before you see the Reese Witherspoon movie.
  5. Hula HoopSit-ups are boring. Hollywood celebs have been hooping for years.
  6. Lemon with Green TeaThis tip thanks to Pieter Loridon, the guru behind Café Couture’s tea collection: increase antioxidant release by combining green tea with lemon. Need a megadose of antioxidants? Café Couture carries Matcha, too!
  7. Work Hard to Eliminate “this,” “more,” and “very” From Your Writing You’ll sound commanding.
  8. Caffènation CoffeeWeb orders coming soon!
  9. Meet Your NeighborsHuman beings are social animals. Be social. And step away from the computer.
  10. Add Cinnamon to Your CoffeeHelps control blood sugar.
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