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If Your Message is Forgettable—Why Not Be Enchanting Instead?

How do you feel about the word passion? To me, it sounds like a cheesy soap opera. Oh wait, it was canceled. It’s not that I don’t love the meaning—I have deep feelings for film, cities, the arts and trying to live low-carb in a bread-heavy world. It’s just using words until they’re robotic and soulless is to be avoided like thugs or plastic bottles.

You see, I help people & brands level up. I take the invisible and make it visible. I magnify presence. Whether through words, gestures, or image, we eliminate the distractions. Maybe all it takes is re-thinking the brand name or a website header. Perhaps writing a press release or coaching a presentation generates the recognition you desire. Sometimes, though, you want to radically shift how you are perceived; I help you fix that.

When we work together, we get to the essence of who you are and what you want to become. More often than not, I help people reimagine themselves (or their brands) with surprising insight on how to get there. I make you go places not on your radar. Or ask you questions that  no one  dares. I drill down on your raison d’être and match it with missed opportunities. The process includes elements of branding, public relations, thought leadership, and/or marketing.

It takes skill. You will see a rigorous analysis with methods rooted in social science. Sure. I will remove barriers like not-quite-right-English, or pull up the latest cognitive research, but mostly I will generate ideas, feedback  and a je ne sais quoi  that give you momentum.  Because in the end, logic does not produce magic. Sometimes you need someone behind the scenes changing perception and leaving a lasting feel-good impression.

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