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Public Relations & Communication 

Captivating people’s attention uses an array of different strategies. A few of the most important ones are listed here, but of course, we use only the ones that fit your needs. Email us at info@hadto.be to discuss your goals.

Strategy Development

In a structured work session, we examine the competitive landscape, challenge ideas (based on proven mental models) and formulate an action plan to increase awareness, shape perception and grow market share. Here’s where creativity meets methodology.

Naming & Branding

Even Google needed a new name—they originally started out as BackRub. Names should be memorable, relevant and inspire positive connotations. At the same time, the look and feel has to ring true—that’s why banks use blue, not tacky orange or cheap purples.

Launch & Positioning

Getting ready for the big reveal? Establishing a mixture of marketing initiatives will reinforce the desired perceptions (premium? reliable? cost-effective?) for your target market. Plan includes consistent, yet original, ways to stay ahead of the competition.  

Events, Exhibitions & Conferences

We help you formulate a clear strategy to magnify your presence in a crowd. From deciding which event to attend (or host!), or helping you with a keynote, we’ve facilitated engagements from SXSW to nanotechnology conferences for maximum impact.

Internal Communication Training

A team is only as good as they can convey information and interact. Our workshops, for example on presentation skills or intercultural communication, can not only change how your team performs but also how they are perceived by the outside world.

External Partner & Media Relations

Social connections are an unspoken yet highly valuable form of currency. Being able to cultivate the right partners, in the media or your industry, requires effort and nurturing. We map and monitor your priority list for recruitment, collaborations or coverage.

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