Presentation Skills

Sweaty palms, butterfly sensations in your stomach, heart racing… these are natural physical responses when it comes to having to stand up in front of a crowd or take the mic.

Human beings still carry the remnants of our evolutionary history. At our core, we remain social animals; survival requires social connection and social graces.

The reason standing up in front of your peers generates so many physiological symptoms is because from an evolutionary perspective, public speaking can cause rejection and is experienced as a threat. Our tribe, or peers, could cast us out which would severely impact our survival. In other words, we’re wired to be nervous!

In our Presentation Skills workshop we take the stress out of public speaking.

We cover the basics: content, vocal sounds, gesture, but most importantly we make you see your presentation through the eyes of your audience. What good is speaking if no one is listening?

Here is what is a selection of the topics covered:

– Aligning verbal and nonverbal messages

– Organizing presentation content

– Using a speech outline and speaking notes

– How to rehearse, choose a time frame, and speak from notes

– Reducing stress and anxiety

– Incorporating visual aids and support materials

– Handling questions from the audience

With our time-honored insight, Presentation Skills workshops can give you the hands-on practice to get to the next level. You leave the workshop with enhanced elocution, poise, polish and more confidence.

Keep in mind, our workshops are run by native-English speakers. We can accurately correct any challenging words or ideas for improved expression.

Not only is the workshop practical, but it is enriching long after. We supplement sessions with templates and handouts plus up-to-date research for later support.

By examining each element required in a great presentation, we give you the know-how to be heard and make an impact. (And leave our ancestral fears behind!)


Group: €1495 per trainer per day.
Private individual: €650 for a half-day personalized intensive.

No more than 10 people per trainer. Trainings can be designed for 1, 2 or 3-day sessions.

We partner with talented colleagues for NL, FR and DE training.

Prices include preparation and materials, but excludes VAT.

Outside Belgium, travel and/or lodging will be additional.