Strength through variety

One of the unsung advantages of growing older is having been able to work on a broad
spectrum of client projects with such an array of collaborative talent.
What you learn in one industry helps shape work in another.

Skills & Accomplishments

  • Ideation
  • Writing
  • Coaching
  • Strategy
  • Refining
  • Editing
  • Connecting
  • Given 100+ pitch trainings ◼︎
  • Rewrote 50+ websites ◼︎◼︎
  • Developed 40+ communication concepts & strategies ◼︎◼︎◼︎
  • Taught 30+ presentation classes to multinationals & NGOs ◼︎
  • Liaised between 20+ organizations and principals ◼︎
  • Advised on 18 rebrands ◼︎◼︎
  • Coached 9 VIPs ◼︎◼︎
  • Generated 4 brand/business names ◼︎
  • Consultant on 2 films/television series ◼︎
  • ∞ reviews of English copy ◼︎◼︎◼︎

With Work Appearing In

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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

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