People and organizations are constantly sending signals. The ones that enjoy the most trust are the ones that are consistent. To be interesting, however, a few key surprises are helpful.

In this workshop, we unpack and map out all the intangibles that emanate from you or your organization.

If you have ever carefully read and re-read something only to hand it to someone who immediately finds a glaring error, you understand the value of having a second set of eyes help you see things you are immune to or what falls out of your peripheral vision.

Depending on your goals and the number of participants, the session might start with a (tailored to you/your organization) treasure hunt or a round of bingo.

Much of the discussion centers on neuroscience and perception, and then we move to practical applications like color, language, cultural values and etiquette, gesture, story, and physical expressions (is there enough green in your work environment to stimulate creativity, for example).

Simply put: we zero in on the signals you do not know you are sending, and amplify the ones you want to.


€1495 for up to 8 people. Full day, includes pre-workshop preparation and materials.

€650 for personalized 1x 1-hour and 1x 3-hour individual sessions. Includes pre-workshop preparation and materials.

Outside of Belgium, travel and/or lodging is additional. Fees exclusive VAT.

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