The best inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions comes from Afrika Bambaataa:

Peace! Love! Unity!…and Having Fun!

Forget the diets and drinking less. Skip the gym. Why not do the following instead:

  1. Buy silk pajamas
  2. Resolve to use quotation marks correctly
  3. Have ice cream for breakfast at least once in 2018
  4. Form an addiction to Yerba Maté
  5. Do something old folks do. And enjoy it.
  6. Splurge on expensive shampoo
  7. Say “Good Morning” to the silent people in the elevator and shake things up
  8. Boycott something
  9. Get at least one massage every quarter
  10. Visit a random museum (Museum of Medical Instruments? Doel? Mercartor Museum?)
  11. Write a few thank you notes each month for the hell of it
  12. Grow something that helps bees
  13. Become obsessed with suffering so you understand happiness
  14. Get your nails done every three weeks. Boys, too.
  15. Invest in soy candles with natural scents
  16. Put a bunch of plants on your desk to increase productivity