Since the Ancient Greeks, stories followed a three-act structure. It was still evident in Shakespearean plays from the late 1500s, and it is still evident in movies today. Stories need a beginning, middle and end, or Set-up, Confrontation and Resolution.

Research has demonstrated that humans are hard-wired for stories. It is the manner in which we learn, connect and remember.

In this class we break down the elements of a good narrative and see how they can work across different mediums. We start with the CAST approach (Content, Audience, Story and Telling) examining how we can maximize each segment.

Storytelling workshops are particularly useful because they provide a safe forum to explore and develop this essential soft skill. (Most people are not inclined to work on the craft solo).

Strong storytelling skills have an immense payoff: a powerful story allows you to express your vision, facilitate change, and motivate others. It also is a great tool to reinforce your organization’s values.


€650 for up to 8 people. Three hours, includes preparation and materials.

Outside of Belgium, travel and/or lodging is additional. Fees exclusive VAT.