• Apathy
  • Facebook Messenger
  • The insane Deurwaarders/Huissiers de Justice system
  • Robin Williams’ early death
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Liking instead of doing
  • Still no dinner date with Paul Magnette*
  • Photoshopped models
  • Native advertising
  • The disappearance of written letters from the mail
  • Coffee made with unfiltered water
  • Diets and/or Spanx
  • Eminem after 8 Mile

*Happy to report thanks to Xavier Damman was able to meet him on 20-Mar-15 for a discussion about startups. Paul Magnette didn’t disappoint! Smart, well-prepared and impeccable English! — And he knew the film extraordinaire, Paris, Texas! ♥ Paul Magnette rocks, y’all!

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