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Writing & Editorial

Being a native English speaker does not necessarily mean being a good writer or editor. We’ve done the hard work (and hundreds of client projects) to master the skill. That said, different businesses, mediums, and cultures require a different tone of voice and no one writer/editor can master them all. Email us to see if we’re the right fit at info@hadto.be.


Speech Writing

Effective speeches are able to transport listeners and should generally clock in under 20 minutes. And boy are they rare! Powerful stories with fresh anecdotes and a good flow will get you (on behalf of your brand or organization) heartfelt applause.

Web Review & Copywriting

What is not popping on your website? Is the English clunky? Too dense? Not sparking sales? We review your text and make recommendations for your brand voice, informational needs and design. Excellent copy triggers emotion, trust—and action.


White Papers

Blog posts can only go so far in boosting your credibility. A long-read analysis can offer the context and depth readers might be wanting to be swayed by your product. Hidden white paper advantage? They are easily read in transit, on planes and trains.

Scripts & Podcasts

Explainer videos, webisodes, and radio scripts offer extra ears and eyeball opportunities for getting your message across. With 50+ radio ads, explainer video scripts and podcast sessions completed, we can help you spread the word.

Taglines & Collateral

Taglines, or rather encapsulating your brand’s vision and values into a succinct pithy sentence, is a specialty. From there, we are able to spread the tone and voice throughout your marketing collateral, because cohesive communication works!

Social Media

Sometimes overhyped and sometimes underused, social media has to be thoughtfully deployed. A great tool for recruitment and customer communication, social media is here to stay. We can make sure you are on-Tweet and Insta-ready!

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