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In an age when algorithms and sensory overload shrink attention spans, Harcourt de Tourville helps individuals, brands and organizations clearly express why they matter.


Welcome to this very basic website.

Huh? That doesn't seem like a sound marketing strategy... but if you know why doctors shouldn't treat themselves, then you know the same holds true for comms pros. Usually our worst work is found on our own websites. (Most of us would rather spend precious brain energy on clients. At least that's true for me).

By the way, I'm Justine. In Europe for 25+ years, I have spent the last 10 helping people, brands and organizations better connect with their intended audiences. 

My work combines observation and analysis with people and English skills. The deliverables might be different: a white paper, a catchy brand name, moderating a panel, website reviews, podcast productions, presentation skills trainings or deep dives into office culture—but they all involve listening, thought exercises, wordsmithing and iterating.

If you're thinking about a project that could use some help, I look forward to hearing from you to see if we're a good fit (if not, I'll still give you some encouragement or maybe some recommendations). Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a great day!

A few services that can help you better connect with your intended audience

"Those who do not believe in magic will never find it."

                                                                                     —Roald Dahl

What I Offer

A fresh look at your desired outcome and current communications. The approach can take a company culture, product, service, or team  perspective.

How I Work

You email. We meet in person (best) or over a video call. We review goals, process, scope, fees, timeline and deliverables. All agreed?  Let's go!

My Ethos

Keep People Informed // Keep People Involved // Keep People Interested  //  Keep People Inspired

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